When trying to install the SmartClientSoftwareFactory May 2007 CTP, you may encounter some problems. Workarounds have been presented, for example by Ezequiel Jadib: http://staff.southworks.net/blogs/ejadib/archive/2007/08/27/How_2D00_To_3A00_-Smart-Client-Software-Factory-_2800_SCSF_2900_-_2600_-Visual-Studio-Orcas-Beta-2.aspx However, with the new February 2008 versions of GAX and GAT, SCSF Installation fails on my system (Vista Business) with some strange Error 2869. Anyway, for those interested in the not-so-easy to [...]

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Configuring Oracle 10g XE for Development

by Christoph Menge in Software

When I first installed Oracle XE, I was quite impressed how much of the maximum amount of 1GB RAM it uses per default: In my case, about 880MB. I din’t really care, because my machine has 3GB RAM, and my XP with some old software did not use up too much… However, having switched to [...]

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Creating OpenGL Windows in WPF

by Christoph Menge in Software

Hello, World! Ok, my first blog entry! I also posted my first article at The CodeProject today: Creating OpenGL Windows in WPF Have fun!

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