Areas, Routes and defaults in MVC 2 RC

by Christoph Menge in Software

Download sample There has been some discussion over at stackoverflow on setting a default route to an area in mvc, so I want to post some very crude, but working example code here… I will write some explanatory text here if I find the time. I feel that the fact that the order of operation [...]

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A Simple Standalone Server for db4o as Windows Service

by Christoph Menge in db4o, Software

Download: db4oSimpleServer Lately, I have fiddled around with Versant’s excellent dual-license object database db4o a little and I think object databases are very neat. In fact, I read a few pages in PoEAA [Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture] today, and here and there Fowler writes how cool object databases are. The Fowler knows! Well, anyhow [...]

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A Nice Product Crippled

by Christoph Menge in Software

Well… with a few years delay, I just wanted to sign up to, which is now simply called When Yahoo bought it, they obviously decided they didn’t want to have any more users, as you can see on the right. I want to store some bookmarks online. period. Do they really think I’ll [...]

Updating WordPress Plugins

by Christoph Menge in Software

Automatic updates are great, especially for web applications. Apart from saving you some time, I believe they help to enhance security since updating is really easy if you just need to push a button. The ‘traditional’ workflow involves backing up, finding and downloading the most recent (compatible) version from an external site, unzipping, uploading via [...]

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