Google Pimps its Webmaster Tools

by Christoph Menge in Entrepreneurship, Software

Google’s Webmaster tools underwent some changes over the last few weeks, but most of them had been minor. Now, they released a completely overhauled “Top Search Queries” section and it’s really cool. Most importantly, Webmaster tools will no longer indicate your page is on position x for a given keyword, but it will show how often it appeared on what page (e.g. how often your site appeared on page three for the keyword “buzzword” and how many people clicked it). The old way of doing it was obviously incompatible with customized search results and therefore was often indicating very confusing positions. It once told me I was on pos #1 for the Keyword “Linq”

A screenshot of webmaster tools in action

They also added fancy charts (although I suspect these don’t work accurately yet, because of that peak you see in the screenshot) that look like Google Analytics a lot. The downside is that clicking on google search results will link to another google page which will then redirect you to the target – not exactly big trouble, but annoying when you’re used to copying links into your blog posts ;-)

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