Mark Zuckerberg’s short keynote at f8 (it’s being repeated there, just head over!) was quite interesting. In general, I’m not really surprised because the vision of facebook has always been to give an identity to people and to minimize the overhead that is needed to get in touch. The announcements that have been made today [...]

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Google Pimps its Webmaster Tools

by Christoph Menge in Entrepreneurship, Software

Google’s Webmaster tools underwent some changes over the last few weeks, but most of them had been minor. Now, they released a completely overhauled “Top Search Queries” section and it’s really cool. Most importantly, Webmaster tools will no longer indicate your page is on position x for a given keyword, but it will show how [...]

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The wikorum-engine StackExchange just announced they completely changed their business model. Basically, instead of buying a license from them, you now need to suggest a concept for a site. That concept can then be voted for by the community and if you can prove you have enough people interested, they will set up the site. [...]

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We’ve been working a lot on db4o related and db4o based projects lately, and close to completion of the first and most simple product, we really hit a few roadblocks. UPDATE: Just after releasing this article, I found the bug in our code. It’s not db4o’s fault after all… Motivation One thing up front: We [...]

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We set up a StackExchange site for Entrepreneurs in Germany. Now, what do you call a StackExchange type of site? We’re proposing »Wikorum«. What do you think about it? You can vote and comment over at, or comment right here of course! This is an interesting experiment… I’m interested to see how it works [...]

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