We’ve been working a lot on db4o related and db4o based projects lately, and close to completion of the first and most simple product, we really hit a few roadblocks. UPDATE: Just after releasing this article, I found the bug in our code. It’s not db4o’s fault after all… Motivation One thing up front: We [...]

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We set up a StackExchange site for Entrepreneurs in Germany. Now, what do you call a StackExchange type of site? We’re proposing »Wikorum«. What do you think about it? You can vote and comment over at meta.StackExchange.com, or comment right here of course! This is an interesting experiment… I’m interested to see how it works [...]

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Random Rant: Don’t Teach Units in Math Class

by Christoph Menge in Off-Topic

A few days ago, I registered at bettermarks, a German startup co-founded by successful entrepreneur Arndt Kwiatkowski. I played around a little pretending I was in 7th class and looked at what they’ve built. This is certainly a very interesting project, and I hope that it will help to improve math lessons in Germany – [...]

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